Senin, 16 Juli 2012

● Time For (another) Giveaway ! ●

what a day ! yesterday was very full full full of happines. Di awali dengan gereja di Southers, Cilandak then have LTBC Pelayan (it's. my. first. time. and. oh. I'm-so-excited !!) *terdengar bunyi terompet dari kejauhan*

then at 18.30 and something, me and teman gereja *i dunno how to tell it on English,poor me!"  went to LSPR to see our friend (cherry) act for her class theater . and I'm definitely fall in love with 'em. Did you ever heard or watched Legally Blonde before? You HAVE TO find and watch it ... so. recommended ! *poor me, moment ini gak bisa didokumentasikan karena hp sedang tidak sepintar biasanya .__. trims*

at night, as my daily night (apa sih) . i'm surfing on sea internet. and you know what? sebagai mahasiswa yang cinta gratisan, mata berbinar saat melihat ........... GIVEAWAY ... which means GRETONGAN cyiiiin. aaaa malam ini terasa indah *hiperbola, oke sip* giveaway kali ini diadakan oleh duo crafter kece ... Belinda Regina (Myurbey) and Audrey Chandra (

Apakah yang mereka akan ba-gi-kan? *ala silet, udh bayangin aja!* 

Are you craving about those mustache?
go jump to their post -> click here


don't forget to join me and idekuhanmade july giveaway, too.
find the post and rules here
Good luck every one :*

anyway, biar makin kece, please gimme 5 your thumb on Achter Page :
☆ Toycam and Art Supplies : ▲chter
☆ Accessories line : ▲chter Koffern
thanks fellas.
Middy - Achter

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