Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

● It's 2013! ●

Yihaaaa ~
It's 2013, geeengs!

Thanks untuk setiap hal yang terjadi di tahun 2012 !
ujian komprehensif, lulus, wisuda, kerja ... whoooosh. Thanks God untuk setiap berkatMu :'')

Thanks for my super DADDY, my Saviour, Jesus Christ. For every thing You've done, for Your unconditional and everlasting love, for Your wonderful bless. I love you so much.

Thank you for my super single parent, my best daddy and also my super brother that always gimme your best. I love you so much.

Thank you for my everything, C. Thanks for your biggest love, your laugh, your smile, thanks for every single day that full with love. Thanks for always here for me. I love you so much.

Thank you for my second super family, Save Street Child. Thanks for bring more happiness and joy into my life. Thanks for that biggest spirit to share the kindness thingy :) I love you so much.

And thank you for every people around me that always gimme any experience that I need to grow more mature ~

Thank you, readers! for always made me giving my best for you through my blog.

 Yeah, here's my 2013's quote :

Every single new day, I'll have new strength and new thoughts. Wohoooo ~

So proud, I'll show you kinda product. So, you can choose, which one do you like to pick up? WHAT, ALL? Up to you :)) mihihihihi ~

Here we gooooo .....
*drum rolls* *light on*

Let's make your own croptee !
Product's name : Croptee
Model : Anything (scallop, fringe, crop, basic)
price : IDR 90k (no min. order)

crop tee memang lagi happening banget ! tapi .... lebih seru lagi kalau CUMA KAMU yang punyaaa. Yuk, send your own design, and we will make this special tees for special one (you)

 Make it special, make it only yours !! ~

Let's make your own tote bag!

Product's name : Tote Bag
Size : 39 x 34 cm (panjang tali : +/- 28 cm)
price : IDR 60k (no min. order)
material : Belacu (broken white)

You can choose your own design. But, you can choose a picture on our catalog, too (soon)
 Make it special, make it only yours !! ~

Yeah, for two things above, It still on my 'master plan' list .. I will tell you when I'm ready to sell it :)

Ini sedikit 'master plan' aku di tahun 2013.
Apa impian kamu di tahun 2013? Yuk share di comment box :)

keep reach us !

for order and more info, kindly contact me on :
081319772257 |

Have a better year, fellas!
God bless you ~

8 komentar:

  1. salam kenal :)

  2. dear, I just nominated you for Liebster award, go check my post :)

  3. kaos pak Sukarno saya suka. ada berapa macam warna? bisa kirim ke mana aja? tks

  4. yuuuk kunjungi website mengikuti berbagai kompetisi yag menarik.

  5. selamat datang di 2013 tapi sekarang kan 2014 dan ini 2013 ? begitu lamaa yang punya blog ga update lagii


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