Senin, 02 April 2012

● Giveaway Hunter : Myurbey ●

hey, did you ever see this cute measure?

i'm really sure that all of you gonna get this cute stuff, right?
well, Myurbey will give it for 2 lucky person .. FREE !
semoga saya salah satunya, ihiiiy *cross finger*

so, how to get it?
well, go click here and find the rules. 

anyway, the pattern that i love are ...

yeah, i love something ethnic pattern .. kinda line, triangle, or anything abstractly

well, go jump to her blog and wish me all the luck haha *evil laugh*

anyway , today is autism day. Please stop use "Autis" as your joke. love 'em patiently, than you will realize that they're REALLY AMAZING !

Keep your love up .
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3 komentar:

  1. aaa thanks for sharing :) next week ada giveaway dr :). salam kenal ya mba Middy, aku baru ni di dunia crafting , suka banget juga sama foto2..:)

    1. hay hay salam kenal juga yah :) wuiih lemme know yah kl udah muncul di permukaan giveawaynya. nanti aku pasti ikutan hehehe.

  2. mba lihat catatan saya ya

    makaci sebelumnya ^^


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